Pet Profile
Spayed/Neutered?   yes       no
Age______________                                                                          Today’s Date _________________________________ 
ID Tag?   yes  no          Micorchip/tattoo?    yes   no 
This is my only pet   yes   no 
This is one of________ pets in my care (write in total number of animals you own)
Declawed (cat)?  yes   no 
How long have you owned your pet?__________________________________________________________________
How old was pet when adopted? _____________________________________________________________________
Did your pet have previous owners?  yes  no
If known, include name, etc.  _______________________________________________________________________
Current Diet (brand names of preferred food, preferred treats, etc.)___________________________________________
Feeding Schedule/amount fed Any ongoing medications, supplements or conditions requiring veterinary supervision?
Any allergies?  yes no  ___________________________________________________________________________
Any physical limitations? _________________________________________________________________________
Favorite toys, possessions or games (describe in detail) ___________________________________________________
Favorite place(s) to sleep __________________________________________________________________________
My pet lives:      strictly indoors   outside        in and out       in a garage       or porch ______________________________
Does your pet use a fenced yard?    yes  no 
My pet sleeps:    strictly indoors   outside      in and out         in a garage       or porch ______________________________
My pet is: housetrainednot housetrained uses a litter box only   uses outside and a litter box     sometimes has accidents
How does your pet ask to go out? ____________________________________________________________________
Does your pet go for regularly scheduled walks? Include time of day, favorite locations, etc. _______________________
My pet has lived in the same household with_____ children (list ages)________________________________________ 
Other animals (list types)  _________________________________________________________________________
Was this successful?   yesno   If no, please describe:  ____________________________________________________ 
Please list any verbal/non-verbal words/commands your pet responds to, as well as ways your pet communicates with you:
My pet has the following training/knows the following tricks:______________________________________________
Describe in detail your pet’s daily routine (walking, feeding, playing, bedtime): _________________________________
Please check all that apply to your pet: 

My pet definitely likes or dislikes (check all that apply): 
Men: likes___ dislikes_____ neutral_____ don’t know_____ 
Birds: likes dislikes neutral don’t know 
Women: likes dislikes neutral don’t know
Livestock: likes dislikes neutral don’t know
Cats: likes dislikes neutral don’t know 
Uniforms: likes dislikes neutral don’t know 
Dogs: likes dislikes neutral don’t know Other: likes dislikes neutral don’t know 

In general, how does your pet respond to strangers?_____________________________________________________
Any other likes, dislikes or fears a new owner should know about  (sensitive areas to avoid when grooming, best way to pick up, favorite areas toscratch/pet, etc)? _____________________________________________________________

Attached copy of pet(s) vet record:   yes_____   no______
Attached picture of pet(s)  yes_____   no _________

Purrever Ranch 
(Geriatric Cat Rescue & Sanctuary)
POB 447
Somerville, TN  38068
Puff:  15, ex-human threw him away at pound coz new boyfriend hated cats
Abe: 16, human died then guardian died.  Thrown out in freezing weather, nearly starved to death.
Please make copies of this blank form before completing so you have extras and can fill out a separate Profile for each of your pets along with your PET GUARDIAN FORM. After completion, send copies to the executor of your will, your attorney, your pet guardians,  and any family or friends who can help ensure your wishes are carried out. Keep copies for yourself with your important papers.The loss of a human companion can be devastating for a pet. With the comfort of familiar surroundings gone, a favorite toy or daily routine can help agreat deal. The information you provide here can greatly influence the success of your animal's transition into a new home. Be as detailed as possible and use additional paper if necessary. your pets will thank you for it!
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