Many cat lovers are denying themselves the pleasure of feline companionship because of allergies to cats. Here are some quick tips for minimizing cat dander, the microscopic flakes of dried saliva on cats' skin which cause allergy.

1.Cajole a non-allergic housemate or friend to brush the cat daily and bathe him weekly.
2.Ask your veterinarian about a spray for kitty's coat that will minimize dander.
3.Replace curtains and drapes with solid blinds, carpeting and rugs with hardwood floors or tile.
4.Minimize overstuffed furniture in your home.
5.Vacuum regularly with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a Hepa filter.
6.Invest in an air purification appliance.  I highly recommend Hunter Purifiers!
7.Wipe down walls and flat surfaces regularly.
8.Keep your bedroom off-limits to the feline brigade.
9.Ask your allergist about making a serum from a sample of your cat's hair.
10.If you don't yet have a cat, consider a shorthair over longhair.

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Coping with Cat Allergies
Dealing With Cat Allergies
Allergies and Cats : Coexisting in Peace
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