Purrever Ranch's 
Heavenly Pawprints
For whatever reasons, you were thrown away like trash in the winter of your days.
Though you were only with me for a short time, you filled my heart with love.  
You were special, adored & ever so loved.  You will be missed.  
May the angels hold you gently until your paws are back on me again.  
We will meet again, my dear sweet friends.  I love you.

Rita, your last & loving human
Katie Scarlett, 18

What a sweet little girl you were.  
Your fierce determination to live another day was remarkable. 
May you be running in the fields of heaven chasing butterflies, free of pain & back to your youthful vigor.
Thank you for sharing your last months with me.
I love & miss you, 
your human, Rita
Rose, 18+

Though you were found taped inside a box, completely matted with claws so long they were inbedded in your paws.  
You only purred your appreciation when groomed.  
Each time you saw me, your eyes lit up & you mewed hello,
making me feel so darn special to share your life.
You were sweet, stubburn & such a cat.
It broke my heart to hand you into the arms of angels.
I miss your beautiful eyes, my sweet, sweet Rose.
Until we meet again,
love, your human, Rita
("I Believe" by Diamond Rio)
Bootsie, 5 wonderful months

Bootsie came into my life a fierce, tiny lion.  Feral.  
Homeless.  Motherless.  CUTE!
This baby gentled up quickly & became the most tender, loving, sweetest creature that I've ever been blessed to know.  
He brought joy back into my life.
Guess he was just on loan from the heavens 
for he was called back much too soon.

My friend.  My feline hero.  My Bootsie Boy.  My joy. 
Instead of resting on my chest, 
you rest forever in my heart.
I love you so damn much.....still.

love your human mommy


I remember the day I first laid eyes on Puff.  A big red puffy persian terrified at finding himself in a noisy animal shelter at the age of 12.  His ex-human had thrown him away because her new boyfriend didn't like cats.  Puff haunted my dreams.  I visited him during the day hoping someone would adopt him.  Puff started getting sick.  
Puff came to live at PurrEver & we fell into a courtship that only those that have cats can understand.  He wooed & purred me.  From the moment his paws hit the ground, Puff was home.  Not a paw was raised from any of the other cats not even a hiss.  Who could throw an old man this sweet away?!
March March Stare Stare.  That is what my daughter, Jess, called Puff.  He was always right beside you and looking at you.  Mind you, he was not neurotic.  This cat just wanted to be around you all the time.  Or maybe he was afraid that he'd end up in the trash again.  It was like having your own private groupie.  
Puff expressed love every single moment of his life.
Puff insisted that I get kisses every day.  This was something he would not take no for an answer.  Guess he thought everyone should be kissed every day.  Thank goodness, he gave me extras.
My friend, passed away in my arms just before midnight on Sunday, December the 11th, 2005.  Just before he left, he gave me a slow eye hug & I swear his eyes filled up with tears.  I kissed him good-bye and told him how much he was loved & how very special he had made my life.  As he crossed I sang him his song,
Puff the magic kitty cat
lived at PurrEver
And in the land of pussycats
Puff was one of the best
The moment CT set his paws in PurrEver Ranch, all the other cats instinctively knew this cat was Boss.  CT talked—a LOT.  Some of the cats said he was all ego while others thought that he just liked the sound of his own meow.  
None of us cared about his celebrity status but we all fell in love with his heart.  
His absence has left a deafening silence at the Sanctuary. 
 We are all purrever grateful for knowing & loving a cat named CT.
CT The Famous Cat
CT spent most of his 16 years at the Germantown Community Theatre until the time came when he needed a safer (inside only) environment.  CT was a "special" guest at PurrEver for the last 14 months of his life.  CT exited the stage late Feb 2, 2006

Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey was one of the five Katrina Kitties PurrEver brought back from New Orleans in Sept 2005.  6 weeks after the hurricane, 
we found his loving humans, Sara & Annake.  
They were so happy to have found their 
17 yr old "old man".  Arrangements were made for Mr Grey 
to stay at the Sanctuary until his humans could secure housing.  
Sadly, Mr. Grey passed away Tues Dec 13 at dawn.
Mr. Grey was a loved cat & will be missed.

When Ellington was 15, his human took her own life leaving Ellington so incredibly sad and confused.  Rescued from euthanization from a kill shelter, Ellington began his new life at PurrEver Ranch.  Ellington missed his mommy so much.  I told him each & every night that he had done nothing wrong & that she loved him.  

Slowly, Ellington began to trust again...to love again.  Ellington bloomed into this wonderful, happy & sweet cat.  I think he adored me.  I did so him.  He was simply precious.   Eating his wet food was his greatest joy.  Ellington would shake his head in eager anticipation--sometimes jumping on the counter to assist.

Ellington died Oct 21, 2006.  Losing Ellington broke my heart.   I cried for days.  I still cry. 
 But at last he is with his mommy again.   
I just hope he knows there is still someone in this world that thinks the world of him.  I miss my dear, sweet friend.

Thank  you Ellington for blessing my life with your presence.  You were one of my life's greatest presents.
This old cat was loved.

I still can't believe "my" little sweater girl is gone.  I still look for her.  I still miss her.  I will always love my little Babs.

 Babs got sick very suddenly.  I came home from work & she was laying on the cold bathroom floor.  She saw me & mewed. 
I believe she waited on me to come home. 
 We both knew.  I picked her up & she laid her head on my shoulder & she purred louder than she had ever purred.  
Wrapped in a baby blanket, I held her & told her what a wonderful little furry soul she was & how she made the world a better place.  Babette passed peacefully in my arms, July 14, 2006.

Don't know if there are sweaters in heaven, Babette.  You were beautiful with or without your hair.  Hair never makes a purrson.  Your tender little heart still beats within the Sanctuary...and me.


Bella Mia was one of PurrEver's eldest & longest residents.  She was rescued from shelter euthanization after her humans decided to move & not take her.  Where is this city where people move to that don't allow cats?!  Or perhaps they had grown bored.  Maybe she was never loved at all.  They had name her "Pitiful" which was immediately changed as there was nothing pitiful about this little black girl.  

Bella used to sleep on my pillow every night.  A very affectionate cat.  Then came the day she became incontinent & had to be caged for periods of a time.  This never seemed to bother her as long as she had comfy blankeys and lots of kisses.
Bella Mia crossed over the Rainbow Bridge July 13, 2006  

There are no cages in heaven and I know she is free at last from her old body. 
 I loved you, little girl.  May the angels hold you gently.


Destin was thrown away at a kill shelter when he was 14.
He wanted nothing to do with me or any of the cats at PurrEver.  
Destin mourned his old life and must have wondered what he did to become garbage.

Somehow, somewhere we fell in love. He pretended to be tough & cranky. 
 But oh how he he fought to stay with me. 
 I did everything in my power to make his last days ones of comfort, love & joy.

Destin passed Dec 18 2006 as I held him in my arms outside.  (Destin was prev an outside cat.)
He looked at me & gave a rare purr....his last & then he was gone.
My sunny boy is gone.   Thank you old cat for brightening my days.   

You SWEET tiny little thing. 
 Found wandering the mean streets of Memphis.  
Declawed.  Defenceless.   
Then came hell in jail at a high kill shelter.
Never was a cat more terrified.
Your eyes were so matted they were almost closed.

I took you home to PurrEver where I tried to heal you.
It may have been too late for your tired & stressed little body.
But together we nourished your heart & soul.

You left this life knowing you mattered.
That someone cared.  That someone loved you.
My little Purrly Girl.  May the angels watch over you
 until your paws are back in my arms again.
Purrly was loved.

The Importance Of Being SPECIAL

It is with great sadness that Purrever Ranch announces the passing of our Special girl.  Special passed away April 4, 2006.   Special was PurrEver Ranch's first official resident.  It was because of this very special cat that PurrEver Ranch came to be.  Special was spared from shelter euthanization after her humans moved and threw her away at the age of 10+.  Special had a very serious eye infection & needed immediate medical attention.  The Vet told me, "This cat could not be in any more pain."  Her pain was eased and the infection treated.  Special lived for almost two more years at the Sanctuary.  
Two very special years.  Many of you may have read about Special on the website but it is worth repeating.
In May of 2004,  I dropped by the shelter to put some aloe vera on some of the sick kitties noses in isolation.  I was informed it would be a sad day & that euthanizations would take place.  At first I tried to accept the fact that CAS was a kill shelter.  I tried to convince myself I had several rescued cats that I was caring for & simply could not afford to take any more in.
I asked if I could feed some tuna to the kitty cat for her last meal & was given permission to do so.  As I opened the can, the cat began talking to me.  Mewing up a storm.  She didn't have to open her mouth though, I heard every word she said.
 I refused to look at her.  It was then that the cat began waving her paw at me to get my attention---I swear--she waved her right paw up & down.  I hesitantly looked into her eyes & heard her scream, "HELP ME!"  With tears in my eyes,
 I opened her cage, picked her up & felt the terror running thru her body. 
 I held her tight & whispered softly, "you're coming home with me, Special." 
I renamed her Special because that is what she is.  
It was at that moment that PurrEver Ranch, the cat sanctuary, I've been dreaming of for years became a reality.   
Good-bye my sweet, loving, gentle--never did anything wrong cat.  The Kittizens & I miss your soft being. 
 We will meet again, my dear friend.  With love, your last & loving human, Rita


Every day I get phone calls, emails or read where a human has passed and left their beloved furry, feathered & hooved friends behind. No formal pet guardian was established, leaving the pets homeless.

It both angers and saddens me that so many relatives of the deceased will throw away the beloved pet(s) to animal shelters that will more than likely euthanize them. Most of these pets are seniors and are considered "unadoptable" and euthanized before they are ever given a chance for a new home.

Some relatives think they are "taking care" of their deceased relative's pet by taking it to an Animal Shelter. As founder of a sanctuary that rescues geriatric cats from shelter euthanization, I can tell you there must be lots of tears in heaven. 

PLEASE make sure your pet is cared for in the event of your demise.
Here is a FREE PET GUARDIAN FORM  http://www.gotcats.org/guardian.html 
to ensure your precious ones are cared for in the manner they are used to...
long after you are gone.

To ensure your pet is cared for just the way you do, 
please be sure to fill out a FREE PET PROFILE FORM  http://www.gotcats.org/PetProfile.html
Add any & all details that make your pet(s) happy...sad/mad. Include little songs you sing to them, special sayings you have for different routines, nicknames. Foods they love, foods they despise, foods they must have for medical reasons. Any medical problem. 
Write down EVERY detail about your baby. 

BTW, you can also take out a small life insurance policy and leave it to the pet guardian or rescue organization that will care for your pet. This way you know all her needs will be met. 

Please, for the love of your pets, take a few moments and assign a legal pet guardian. 
Just because something happens to you 
doesn't mean something should happen to them.

Save a life and pass this on to every human who is owned by a pet. 
You just might make an angel smile in heaven.

Thank you,
Rita Deyo, Founder
PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary (A Hospice For Senior Kittizens)
POB 375
Coldwater Mississippi 38618

WEBSITE:   http://www.gotcats.org 
EMAIL:    purreverranch@gotcats.org

This Old Cat
Rita Cockrell Deyo/ 2005/Copyright

Imagine this old cat as a kitten
Bright eyes, alert & playful
Scampering thru the house
Without a care in the world
This old cat was loved

Snuggling up to her mistress
Whiskers safe in a warm palm
Motor purring, arm and tail as one
Without a care in the world
This old cat was loved.

Headbutts, kisses and eye hugs
Warm dishes of milk and plates of tuna
Little ways on special days
Without a care in the world
This old cat was loved.

Back of a hand strokes the face
Looking like no other lover
Cloudy eyes knowing without seeing
Without a care in the world
This old cat was loved.

Cold. Alone. Empty plates
Howling in the night she searches
Strange, rough hands tossed in a box
Without a care in the world
That this old cat was loved.

Imagine a heart breaking in heaven
Promises broken from a life she had given
Too busy in a brand new house
Without a care in the world 
That this old cat was loved.

Cowered in a cold corner
Stainless steel in a bed of hell
Eager humans rush to pretty kittens
Without a care in the world
That this old cat was loved.

No tears are shed, they tried their best
No one wants an old, used cat
She purrs and pleads to ears unheard
Without a care in the world
That this old cat was loved

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Pet Guardian Form

(VICTIM of tainted cat food)

Darling was a true feral cat living behind the Wolf River Cafe in Rossville TN.  Every day for nearly a year, I made sure she got fed.  Then came the time when the old building she called "home" was going to be torn down & her fate was clearly stated.
Within a week Darling was trapped, spayed & vaccinated.  She came to live at PurrEver on her terms -- she wanted nothing to do with me or the other cats.  With patience, love & a bit of help from Cat Faeries & their "Feral Cat" flower essence & FELIWAY, Darling began to trust.  Suddenly she was with the other cats at dinner time crying for her wet food. It became a ritual for her to rub up against my legs as I prepared her dinner.  Then came the magical moment when she started sleeping next to me at night. As Darling became more gentle, her love for me shined in her eyes & in her sweet mew greetings.
Days before she became ill, I was able to pick her up & hold her as she purred in contentment.  Darling died before I was able to photograph this precious memory.  Her death was one of most challenging moments in my life.  I miss her wild cat spirit & her gentle eyes.  I could tame a wild cat but I couldn't make her well. I gave her food that was supposed to be the best...had no idea it would steal the best part of my heart.
Darling, I'm so sorry.  I hope you are doing your cat dance on the other side & that someday our feral spirits will meet again.  You were one loved cat.  
You were Darling.  My Darling
with love, your kindred human spirit, rita
Bonnie  (Kitty Kitty Boom Boom) 
VICTIM of tainted cat food
Bonnie, her siblings & Mama were rescued from underneath a home.  She was gentled, spayed & vaccinated & went to the Collierville Animal Shelter to be adopted but came back twice after getting sick.  I tried to adopt her out but she & her siblings seemed happy & content at the Sanctuary & provided warmth & love to their elders by cuddling with the Senior Kittizens. 
Bonnie was one of the sweetest little girlcats ever.  Incredibly gentle -- giving the tenderest eye hugs with her olive green eyes.  Bonnie was just two years old when she was robbed of her life.  Her brother, Figaro, is devastated & still mourns her as he searches & howls for her at night.  
May the angels hold our sweet baby softly & lovingly until her paws are back on my chest again.  I'm sorry little girl that I could not make you well.  You deserved a better life and my tears still flow for you and the pain you suffered.  
With love from your brotha, Figaro & your sistas Kitty Kitty Bang Bang & Puddy Tat
& your adoring human, rita.  WE LOVE YOU!
by rita c wood 

for my fav feral at PurrEver Ranch

Most pass her by
Without a second thought.
Others say out loud
"What a pretty cat."

She darts, she stares.
She swishes her tail.
Some say as if to care
"Oh, that poor cat"

To most she is just
"That cat"
A moment of concern
Then forgotten in the next.

To me, she is beautiful
Wild and free
Sharing her cat smile
To me, she is "Darling."
Miss Cindi Cat 
(VICTIM of tainted cat food)
Miss Cindi was 12 yrs old when her humans threw her away at the Collierville Animal Shelter because she had a UTI.  The shelter lovingly provided medical attention to her for nearly a month when she caught an URI.  It was at this time, when Miss Cindi Cat came to live at PurrEver Ranch. 
She was a tiny little himmy with a silent meow.  Gentle.  Sweet. Adoring. Loving. Beautiful.  Cindi purrfered her own company but would let Bonnie snuggle up to her sometimes in disbelief. The only thing she demanded was fresh water--not a crumb could be in her bowl or she would find you & point it out.
Her last days on earth were not gentle & she deserved a better ending.  I know she is now free of pain sleeping on soft cashmere blankeys with bowls of fresh clean water close by.
Good-bye sweet girl.  The absence of your silent meows haunt my heart yet warm my soul.  You were a GOOD girl & never did anything wrong, little love.

You mattered.  You were loved.
Love your human, rita
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This Senior Persian was found abandoned.  She came to PurrEver  Thurs April 11th.  She was filthy, matted & MAD AS HECK!  
With a little patience, lot of love...and a bath,
 this pretty girl was as good as new.
Sadly, she passed two months later & no pictures were taken of her sweet face & how she wanted only to be stroked & was a purr bucket.
Cleo died knowing she was loved.
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