Little Paws Prayer

This is a prayer for little paws
All up and down the land,
Driven away, no friendly voice
Never an outstretched hand.

For weary paws of little beasts
Torn and stained with red,
And never a home and never a rest,
Till little beasts are dead.

Oh God of homeless things, look down
And try to ease the way
Of all the little weary paws
That walk the world

Author Unknown
Local Veterinarians Purrever Ranch Recommends

Park Avenue Animal Hospital  458-0863  3558 Park Ave, Mphs, TN 38111

Allergies? Must You Really Get Rid Of Your Pet? 

Free & Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics. 
Animal Protection Association Spay/Neuter Clinic 901-377-3779
854 Goodman Street off Park Avenue near Getwell
PetVax spay/neuter clinic 901-454-4900
Homeless Animal Relief Project (must live within 100 miles of Mphs) 
Senatobia, MS 662-292-0922  NO SURRENDERS
Arkansans for Animals Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
West Memphis, AR   870-732-7599
Animal World USA has several links for Low Cost Programs

Cat HEALTH Infomation .
danger signals of a sick cat  The Daily Cat
5 questions to ask your vet  ACVS (American College Veterinary Surgeons)
how to give your cat CPR  from Cat Owners Vet Handbook
feline first aid & emergency  Vet Partner
pilling a cat (seriously)  Friends of Campus Cats
animal health, pet loss, animal safety, and more from AVMA ( American Veterinary Medical Association)
feline health info
specific treatments for diseases, first aid, anatomy of the cat, genetics, and parasites from Vet Info,
diseases common to cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and rodents from Long Beach Animal Hospital
other links to animal health sites Cat Fanciers
general health information:  Snik Snak
all kinds of  pet information--great sites!  Vet Centric      Vet Partner
health & behavior  21 Cats
alternative medicine from Holisticat
how to give admin subcutaneous fluids

Are we over vaccinating our pets
Facts About Vaccinations--a must read:  Pethealthresource
Latest Feline & Canine Vaccination Guidelines  UC Davis Vet School
what the vets think about vaccinations  DVM Mag
NO geriatric feline vacs  DVM Mag
vaccination update  Animal Protection Institute
vaccinations for cats Holisticat
dangers of pet vaccinations  Shirley's Wellness Cafe
vaccine associated feline sarcoma task force   AVMA
vaccine  New Hope
vaccines   It's for the animals
vac release form 
are we overvaccinating our pets  Houston Chronicle

Cat Misc
cat basics 101 EVERYTHING you need to know about cats!  Tally Cat
all kinds of cat info from UK--one of my fav sites:  Moggies
Animal Communicator  Critters Pet Sitting highly recommends Gayle Nastasi for any reason that you would want to communicate with any past or present pets.  Jessika & I both have used her services & she is incredible!
All About Cat Colors And Markings

Important Home Cleaning Info for Cats
Cat Safe Housekeeping:  A MUST read:  The Whole Cat Journal
NO Lysol around Cats!  Read FDA Care & Nurturing of Cats
NO Fabric Softeners!  Health Risks

Guide to Raising Kittens: 
information on care, written by a vet, on Kitten Rescue
guide to raising orphan kittens  UC DAVIS VET School
general information on raising orphans by Feral Cat Coalition
about orphaned kitten care by Friends of Campus Cats
where to find other EXCELLENT links on bottle-feeding kittens on Amby's Orphan Page

Geriatric Cats:
geriatric cats  Winn Feline Foundation    SnikSnak   Long Beach Animal Hospital  
list of warning signs in geriatric cats  Dr Petra Drake
geriatric handbook Cat Care Clinic
geriatric cats special needs Cat Care Center
older cat health problems  Older Cat Health (great site)
growing old gracefully  Sarah Hartwell
special needs of senior cats Cornell Feline Vet School

find information on deafness in dogs and cats, including diagnosis, management, and list of susceptible breeds from:
genetic deafness  Drs Foster & Smith
understanding deafness  The Daily Cat

a consumer's guide to pet food  Pet Food Report
FDA's Vet site  FDA
pet wellness & diet  earthrenewal
tips for choosing cat food
understanding cat food labels
understanding pet food labels  FDA Consumer
what is in your pet food--a MUST read
what is in your cat's water
Cat & Dog Treats & Recipes!
Horse Treats & Recipes!


These public-funded organizations take in stray animals or pets surrendered
by their owners.   All are kill shelters.

Memphis — 3456 Tchulahoma, 362-5310
Bartlett---5220 Shelter Run Lane, 385-5570
Collierville — 603 E. South St., 457-2670
Germantown — 7700 Southern Ave., 757-7358
Horn Lake, MS — 6520 Center E., 662-393-5857
Olive Branch, MS — 7100 Stateline Rd., 662-895-5328
Southaven, MS — 5883 Pepperchase, 662-796-2491
West Memphis, AR — 500 Rushing Rd., 870-732-7599

Mid-South Rescue Groups & Sanctuaries Directory
Listings of local, breed specific & special needs pets.

Other Referral Sites: Other sites with great information include:
list of sites: legislative issues, rescue groups, nat'l groups, & world-wide groups. NETVET-rescue
commercial sites to Fort dodge, Fleabusters, Avid...: NETVET-commercial
conservation environmental wildlife organizations with sites pertaining to Wildlife Conservation: NETVET-environmental
nationwide list of companies who do not test on animals: All For Animals

Feral Cat Information:
how spay/release program works  Friends of Campus Cats:
common myths about feral cats  Friends of Campus Cats
articles on trapping, managing a colony, health care...: Feral Cat Coalition
legislation: Alley Cat Allies
articles: Doris Day Foundation
article on oral contraceptives for ferals: Actioncat
where to buy traps Campus Cat Coalition
links:  (GREAT Links) Amby's or Cat Fanciers
great links on Feral Cat Management
taming a tiger--bringing a feral into your home  Friends of Campus Cats

Feral Programs at college campuses around the country:
UCLA in Los Angeles; Univeristy of Texas in Austin; University of Central Florida in Orlando;
USC in Los Angeles; University of Southern Mississppi in Hattiesburg;

Education Programs:
has a model program on spay/neuter, copied around the country: Feral Cat Coalition

Cat Fences, Enclosures & Furniture: :
outdoor cat enclosures  Cats International
fence additions to protect outdoor cats: Lisaviolet
Outdoor Enclosures for Cats PAWS
designing the ideal cat house  The Daily Cat
Picture of Eileens Cat Outside Enclosure  AWESOME!!
Shadow Cat Rescue (3500 inside/outside enclosure)  Click on Humane Education, then What About An Enclosure Instead
Joyce's Cat House Enclosure
cat fences: Cat Fence-In
Do It Yourself Cat Fence
enclosures for ferals  Wildcat Village
creative redecorating your cat's house  The Daily Cat
build your own cat tree  Amby's
affordable cat trees  bjmarketers
great online resource for cat trees  angelicacats

Behavior & Training:
behavior problems covered on this site  EXCELLENT site!
common behavior problems including litter box problems, biting & scratching, scratching of furniture; also introducing a baby, another cat, or another animal with your original cat; importance of exercising your cat... Perfect Paws
litter box & spraying problems  Tally Cats
toilet training your cat: Misha Cat

New Cats: kitten-cat proofing your house, what food to feed & buy:
preparing for your new kitten or cat  Friends of Campus Cats
introducing your new cat to other pets  Dumb Friends League
adding a new pet to the household  cyberpet
territorial aggression with new cat  Dr Petra
why can't we all get along
what to look for in a healthy cat, foods to use, both wet and dry, storage methods for food, dietary considerations for diseases (ie FUS), and common feeding problems and how to correct them. Cornell-feline health

Declawing Options: how to clip nails, train to use scratch posts:
how to cut nails: Amby's-cat train
links for alternatives to declawing, why cats scratch, and how to train them: Amby's-declaw & training
links to sites on medical and behavior issues with declawing: Amby's-declaw & behavior

Legislation Information:
current legislative information: Doris Day-Legislative
issues listed by state: Funds For Animals
legislation and information: Alley Cat Allies-legislation
links on population and legislative issues: Cat Fanciers-rescue
site for legislation issues: Animal Legislative Network

On-line Magazines & News Lists:
Monthly on-line newspaper for Los Angeles covering animal issues: The Pet Press
NewsReporter: Hugs for Homeless Animals

Books & Literature: books on:
animal related issues, booksordered through Barnes and Noble: CatAnna-books
behavior & training for dogs and cats: "From the Cat's Point of View", "Manners for the Modern Dog", "Help, My Dog Has an Attitude" by Gwen Bohnenkamp, ordered from her web site: Perfect Paws-books

Pet Loss, Wills, & Grieving:
special candles as a memorial: Furry Angels
information on grieving and pet loss: American Veterinary Medical Association-loss
Virtual Cemetary
for those who want to save their loved pet's ashes in Urns: The Urnist
pet loss support hot line: Cornell-petloss
rainbow bridge

Lost & Found:
HELP, I'VE LOST MY PET!  Tips on how to find/search for missing pet by Rita Wood
listings of lost birds, cats, dogs and horses, as well as links to other sites on lost animals: Hugs 4 The Homeless-lost & found
listings of lost birds, cats and dogs by state: Petfinders
site for lost pets: Lost And Found

Create a FREE LOST or FOUND DOG Flyer!

Create a FREE LOST or FOUND CAT Flyer

Pet Friendly Apartments who take animals:
by state/county/city Apartment Rentals
by state Petsrwelcome

Traveling with Pets
tips for traveling with your pet  VetCentric
worldwide pet friendly lodging directory  TravelPets  PetsWelcome
Dogfriendly or Traveldog
just about everything you need when traveling  Interpetexplorer
site for information on traveling with your pets: American Veterinary Medical Association-travel
travel tips and links related to travel: Travel tips

Poisons: which items are poisonious and what to do if pet is poisoned:
list of poisonious plants, drugs, & products including a description about what it does and why it is dangerous: American Veterinary Medical Association
links to sites on poisons and toxic plants to cats: Amby's-poisons
888-426-4435 for the ASPCA Animal Poison ControlCenter, open 24 hours a day if you think your pet has been poisoned. There is a $45 fee for this consultation, payable on credit card; plus a list of poisonous items you may have around your house -currently limited for dogs and cats: ASPCA

Odd's 'N Ends on Cat Stuff:
link explaining how to create a will or estate for your pet, in case your pet(s) outlive you:
Purrever Ranch's Pet  Guardian
years of the cat's life compared to years of human life: Cat Years
cat related quilts you can make, buy, or download the patterns: Cats Who Quilt

Humor About Pets:
The Original Lauging Cat
What your pets really do when you are on VACATION (not for children or those easily offended)
Funny Pet Pictures
The Dogpatch Funny Papers

Cat Graphics: free:
hundreds of cat graphics and background wallpaper available to download: Glenda Moore
cat graphics (over 1,000) including navigation buttons: Heartland-Meadows buttons
more graphics: Cats'n Kittens
moving banners on animal issues: CatAnna
animal friendly art: Doghause-Friendly Art

PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary
(A Hospice For Senior Kittizens
& Home For Wayward Pussycats)

A place of refuge for cats that would otherwise perish
- the old, the abandoned, the abused, the sick & the suffering.
We are the last hope, the last embrace, the last love, the last human.
The last goodbye.